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Film. Learn.
Create. Share.
Sports meets social technology.

Engage, learn and share your passion around your own sports. SportSquare connects players, teams, and coaches through an interactive, easy-to-use video platform.

Automated Filming

Our remote control-enabled cameras can capture action on the field without the presence of a videographer. By installing 2 or more fixed cameras, we can automate the capture of two or more perspectives without a videographer on site.


Direct Feedback

Capture training to allow team members and coaches to immediately review performance. Our easy-to-use tablet application puts instant replays in your coach’s hands.


Interactive Platform

Review, learn and comment from actions around your own sports using our easy-to-use highlight creation tool. Interact with your team on your club’s secure SportSquare platform.


Content Management

SportSquare offers a structured playback library, featuring content around your sports activities. Easily create your own highlights to showcase and save that awesome moment.

  • For Players
  • For Coaches
  • For Clubs
  • For Sponsors
  • For Schools

For Players

Players can enjoy watching themselves and their friends in action. SportSquare’s visual feedback motivates team members, allowing them to learn and improve on their performance. Players can also create their own highlights, saving their best moment.