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“ SportSquare’s mission is to enrich the club sport experience with innovative online services; through which clubs can engage, learn and share their passion for sports . ”

What is SportSquare?

SportSquare uses the latest technologies to provide filming, live streaming for direct review and on line web hosted services to sport clubs. This end-to-end easy to use modular system extends and intensifies the club sport experience. It provides club members with an educational, motivational and interactive learning and communication tool.
We capture action on the playing field using automated filming through 2 or more permanent cameras. The film can be streamed to a tablet application for direct feedback to players and coach during training;it can be made available for further on-line coaching, interactive review and structuring on a club specific community web portal managed by SportSquare.

What does SportSquare offer?

• Capture sport activities using fixed infrastructure requiring no videographer;
• Live streaming of video streams to Tablet for direct feedback and review.
• Store and archive video information using Cloud computing services.
• Add meta information to the sport activities (ie. start, goals).
• Provide operational help desk to the club.

SportSquare web portal sport experiences
• Provide end-users on web portal with their own club sport experiences
• Support clubs to provide their members with on-line coaching
• Maintain user access to the web portal
• Stream video highlights to end-users on the Internet.
• Provide user-generated communication formats (Rating, ranking, blog etc.)
• Maintain web portal operation, functionality and moderation
• Provide web portal user help desk

Furthermore SportSquare is doing

Ongoing Research and development to create new services and experiences.

Because of this, SportSquare provides new club services, which are:


Players, coaches, trainers, players and club members can use videos to teach and learn from; both during and after the game; in a format that is easily accessible.


It allows players, coaches, trainers, and club members a social media like format to share and exchange; it increases cross-over club involvement and enables to follow what is happening in other club teams.


The net generation embraces social media related activities that are interactive, personalized and user generated.


Matches and Trainings are uploaded according to schedule ensuring automatic updates and ongoing new activity.


Allows for content reuse allowing for multipurpose learning. Access the information from wherever you have Internet connection; this access transcends the playing field and club walls.


Excellent cost/service proposition. Ask about the possibilities of leasing or renting camera infrastructure in your area.

The Story of SportSquare and who we are

The idea for SportSquare was born more than two years ago and has continuously been worked on. With ongoing technological innovation in Camera and local infrastructure hardware, cloud computing and Social Media technology, we at SportSquare are now in the position to finalize our value proposition and are preparing to go to market. Our market research has shown us that visualizing drives sports performance and motivates. Clubs can use content to generate additional income.
We are based in Amsterdam and are passionate about sports and new technology. We are dedicated to bringing both together to create a new all round experience.

Our vision statement:

“SportSquare will be a recognized leader in innovating and enriching the club sports experience.”