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Why SportSquare?

SportSquare – uses the latest technologies to provide innovative and new on line services to sport clubs. These services add a whole new dimension for clubs to extend and enrich the club sport experience for all their stakeholders. We capture action on the playing field and make this available both on a tablet for direct feedback and on a club specific community web portal managed by SportSquare. The services enable people to review their sport actions during training and on the web portal. To share and extendtheir sport experiences with other community members. The community includes players, trainers, coaches, club members, family and friends. Within this club specific community a range of social media services allow members to watch, review, mark, comment, discuss and rate actions on the playing field. This extends and intensifies the club sport experience providing club members with an educational, motivational and interactive learning and communication tool.

How does it work?

Video cameras are permanently positioned outside or inside and can record any sport activities. During training or a match the film material can be reviewed for direct feedback. Afterwards these activities are uploaded to the SportSquare portal. Typically within 24 hours the club members can access this on the portal. They can then find, view, rate and comment the uploaded sport actions.

For which sports?

The SportSquare concept is suited for any sport!

Why should I choose SportSquare?

We are offering you a unique new experience that is not yet being made available in the market. We have additional features in the pipeline and will expand and enrich this experience even further going forward. SportSquare has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are passionate about sports and the possibility to intensify and share this experience with like minded people in a unique way.


What do I need to have to use the portal?

An internet browser and a good internet connection. As the videos are in HD quality, poor internet causes video playback issues.

How do the users get access to the portal?

Simply by logging in with your used-id and password provided by your club. You can access the log-in menu by visiting sportsquare.com/toyourclub

How do I change my password?

Just click forgot password at login screen and follow instructions accordingly.

Can I have a free demo of the portal?

Please send us an email with your request and we will send you access details for our demo portal.

Can I have my own user profile on the web portal?

Yes. Currently, portal supports basic user profile options. You are able to personalize with your own user profile. Full community features will be made available shortly.

Who can get access to the portal?

Only club members, who have received User ID’s from your own club, can access their club’s designated area on the portal. SportSquare’s back office support team also has access.

How can I report issues that arise during this pilot phase and make suggestions?

Please send your comments and or suggestions to info@sportsquare.com
We will respond as soon as possible.

How do I get a user-id and password?

Once your club subscribes to the services, we will set up a club portal page and provide the club with the user-id. Your club can then provide you with your personal user-id and password.

Can I share my video action on other websites like Facebook and Youtube?

Privacy regulations do not allow the publishing of videos and photos without permission from the people captured in it. We are working on a procedure to facilitate this, if all the involved people agree on publishing the respective sport fragment. Until this is in place, no video or pictures can be published or shared outside the SportSquare portal.

Can I download my video actions to my computer?

No, it is not possible and not permitted to download a video.

Is the language on the portal only in English?

Yes, for the time being.

Is there a mobile user interface for accessing the video’s?

For the moment, you can only use an internet browser. We are working towards providing mobile apps.

If I have other questions?

Feel free to contact us at info@sportsquare.com


Are the video’s being published and freely accessible?

Privacy regulations do not allow the publishing of videos and photos without permission from the people captured in it. We are working on a procedure to facilitate this, if all the involved people agree on publishing the respective sport fragment. Until this is in place, no video or pictures can be published or shared outside the SportSquare portal.

Who can see the video’s?

Only club members of your club can access, in addition to the SportSquare support team.

What if a member or parent of a member does not want to be recorded?

Please contact your club. The club can choose which matches are uploaded to their portal.

How long are videos being stored?

It depends on the type of membership.

What happens when a member leaves the club?

The club has control of all of the user accounts. The club has the ability to cancel the access of the member, who left the club.

Is my profile information secure at SportSquare?

All the profile information is saved in hashcode format. The information is only visible in readable format to your respective club.


How to request to record a game?

You can send a request to your club. The club can record this or provide SportSquare with a schedule of matches that are to be recorded.

Who is controlling the cameras?

The camera can be controlled in two ways. The team can do it by themselves with a mobile/tablet app or remotely by SportSquare services.

Can I remove a video fragment?

Under certain circumstances you can request SportSquare to remove a fragment of a sport video. On validating your request with the club, SportSquare will take necessary actions.


When is the service available for your clubs?

SportSquare is currently in it’s beta phase. For all service requests please contact info@sportsquare.com

Who can request for SportSquare services?

A club member, who has the authority to commit to a contract with SportSquare can make this request.

What does it cost?

Please contact info@sportsquare.com for more information


What does the club have to have in place to get started?

In order to have your film content automatically exportet and uploaded a club needs a good Internet connection with a minimum of 3Mbit/sec upload per camera. However with a higher upload speed you get quicker service.

Who owns the camera infrastructure?

The club can purchase the camera infrastructure, and then own it. SportSquare also offers a club to rent the camera infrastructure. For more infor please contact info@sportsquare.com


Who is behind SportSquare?

Please read here www.SportSquare.com/about-us


My question is not in the FAQ where can I send my question?

Please send us an email at info@sportsquare.com

Where can I send my new ideas for SportSquare?

Please send you ideas and suggestions to info@sportsquare.com